Diamond Silver Ring - Small - Custom

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Custom order, lead time: 3 to 4 weeks

The Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring: design classic, symbol of marital bliss, emblem of our status-obsessed culture. byAMT's jewelry line puts a playful spin on this icon. The Tiffany ring's silhouette and basic shape remains intact, but rendered in different materials, colors, and widths.

Also offered in cast 14k Gold and Platinum. These metals have been deemed "precious" because they're relatively rare, they're shiny, and they last. We value diamonds because they're even more rare, shinier, and durable (and often fraught with human rights concerns). No wonder they are so expensive. Do we really need one to prove our love? BYAMT Diamond rings are precious for their creativity, ingenuity, style, and wit–not their glittery bits. More info here

Band Width: 2.5mm

Made in: Cast & Hand Finished in The Netherlands
Photos: by Lisa Klappe

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